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Amy Anderson

About Me

With 20+ years of experience, a design degree and demonstrated excellence in both in‑house and agency environments, I am certainly qualified to work on most any design project that comes my way. While these things make a nice bullet list for a resume, they aren’t what make my designs exceptional. My value lies in my attitude and approach to design—the why and how behind my work.

Making things that look pretty is fun, but effective design isn’t about mastering a set of technical skills and using them to decorate a page. Every design project presents a unique opportunity to dig deeper, discover a story and find a smart, creative, and effective way to tell that story. That is what excites me, and that excitement translates into excellent design solutions!

Want to see what I mean?
Take a look at some of my work for examples of design problems turned into solutions.

Still curious about my work and educational background?  Visit my LinkedIn profile.


Phone  678-613-0085

Email  [email protected]